Remote Sensing/GIS

Remote Sensing Services
  • Landuse-Landcover
  • Agriculture Analysis
  • Change Detection
  • Mineral Analysis
  • Regional Mapping
  • Bathymetric Analysis
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Optimal Route Planning
  •   Environmental Analysis and Modeling
  •    Demographic Applications
  •    Hydrological Mapping
  •    Transportation Network Planning
  •     Geodatabase Development
  •     Coastal Resources Planning
  •     GIS Education/Training


Delta Systematics offers the best path of analysis and decision support using the tools of Geographic Information System. At Delta Systematics GIS is used to offer the solutions that enable the client capability to work with spatial information, in ways that are tailored to their work and terminology. By using the ESRI suite of GIS software, we help re-engineer process oriented systems in an organization and so provide front end improvements in the integration of large amounts of data that need to be collected, processed and housed by the organization’s enterprise. The overall benefit is reflected in the saving of money, improved responsiveness, and maintenance of accuracy and quality over time.

The GIS Services include:

1. Utilities

Delta Systematics provide utility application solutions in Energy Demand Assessment, Predictive maintenance, Load forecasting and planning, Transmission Line Routing Analysis, Design and Engineering Support, Transmission Asset Management and Information System, Technical and Non-technical loss tracking, Energy Model and Data Surveys, Energy Road Map from Generation to Distribution, Feeder Trace and Visualization, Switching Historical Database, Outage Simulation and Energy Restoration Alternatives, Lightning Information System (LIS), Maintenance Scheduling and Routing

2. Transportation Planning Services

Delta Systematics uses the tools of Geographical Information Systems (GIS to provide in-depth transportation planning and Services. Delta Systematics provide services in transportation planning for metropolitan areas (small urban and large rural areas), corridor planning, major investment studies, roadway and intersection analysis, accident analysis, and modeling for state and federal routes.

3. Enterprise Asset Management System

Geo-enabled asset management of infrastructure services are provided using organization alignment, integrated data, information and knowledge management, Risk awareness and acceptance and Life Cycle Cost analysis.. Delta Systematics also use an Asset Register, Work Order (Planning and Control), Condition assessment & monitoring, Performance and Maintenance History Data, to provide an Integrated Asset management regime.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation, and Investment Targeting

At Delta Systematics we use GIS to help clients improve their ability to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their programs by providing a visual tool for the rapid assessment and updating of project status.

5. Crime Mapping

Crime Management Services include the use of GIS to map, visualize, and analyze crime incident patterns to identify crime hot spots, along with other trends and patterns. Demographic data is combined with locations of common crime scenes to make better decisions, target resources, and formulate strategies, as well as for tactical analysis (e.g. crime forecasting).

6. Geofencing

Geofencing technology uses global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area by establishing a radius of interest that can trigger an action in a geo-enabled phone or other portable electronic device. Delta Systematcs Ltd. uses this technology to develop applications for clients that set up triggers, a text message or email alert when a device enters (or exits) defined boundaries..

7. Site Suitability Analysis

Delta Systematics combines a number of GIS tools to help clients arrive at the best decision in selecting the most suitable site for a given activity. The end result of this analysis is a map showing potential sites (ranked best to worst) that could be suitable for a client’s need. The suitability map shows a relative range of values indicating how suitable each location is on the map, taking into account the criteria which the client provided.

8. Line of Site Analysis

Line of sight analysis calculates the inter-visibility between two points or locations. What is visible from a location is an important element in determining the value of real estate, the location of telecommunications towers, or the placement of security cameras.

Delta Systematics runs line of sight analysis for clients who are interested in knowing if their target point is visible from their observation point. Line of sight analysis determines where the obstruction is and what else is visible or hidden along the line of sight.

9. Geospatial Services

Delta Systematics is a leading company in the use of GIS, Remote sensing, Image processing, GPS and Enterprise Databases like Oracle, DB2 to provide integrated solutions for oil and gas, government and private establishments. We implement user needs assessments and work closely with clients to design relevant and efficient information systems. Information is gathered from satellite imagery, aerial photos, digital airborne systems, existing maps, and field (ground truth) investigations. Our image classification techniques fully exploit the relationships between the variation in remotely sensed data and variation in land cover. Delta Systematics has a reputation for the development of innovative methods for integrating field information, GIS, and remote sensing into image classification.

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