Environmental Sensitivity Index

enviromenta sensitivity index

Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI) Mapping

Environmental sensitivity index mapping provides information on sensitive habitats, biological, and human-use elements within an oil and gas operational area susceptible to an impact from oil spill incident.In the ESI mapping for spill response and contingency planning, satellite imagery and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology are used to define sensitivity values corresponding to the land use and land cover within the project area. ESI atlas generated is coupled to a GIS database that provides an easy display of the attributes and features associated with each sensitivity ranking. Each facility can be visualized to show in the shortest response time the classes of sensitivity involved in the emergency, the size, area affected, possible flow directions, areas of containment, access problems and potential resources such as sizes of booms to respond. The use of GIS in the ESI process provides continual application development necessary to plan for oil spill emergency. The GIS mapping interface and database as an integral component of oil spill contingency planning and response facilitates data use and exchange, and easy updates as the terrain and facilities undergo changes.

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